Our Yoga Classes

Tuesday evening 7:45pm – Vinyasa Flow

Our Vinyasa flow class with Laura will be blending breath with movement. Moving fluidly through the Asanas (postures) enhancing mobility and stamina while creating a sense of peace within.

Ability: This class is all levels, yet suited for those looking for a stronger yoga practise.

Thursday evening 7:45pm – Gentle Flow

Our gentle flow class with Laura, we will move softly through the asanas (postures) blending our breath with our movement. Taking our time to warm up our bodies & stretch ourselves out after a long week. Spending a little more time in each of the poses will you allow you to get to know your body & tune into your breath to find a sense of calm awareness.

Ability: This class is all levels, perfect for beginners or for those looking to slow things down.

Monday morning 10:00am – Hatha Yoga

A combination of both physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and relaxation/meditation. Building flexibility, stamina and strength. Helping to feel calm, grounded and balanced.

Ability: Suitable for all abilities.

Thursday morning 10am – Yin Yoga

A gentle practice with longer held floor poses. A perfect compliment to the more yang forms of exercise and the business of our hectic lifestyle.
Helping to calm the.mind and find mobility in the joints, fascia and connective tissue. An inward journey.

Ability: Suitable for all levels