COVID -19 Update

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and members and will continue to open, following   Government guidelines and adhering to their advice.   Things are changing all the time so we are taking things on a daily basis.

As a small business we want to thank you for your support and understanding through what is a very unique occurrence.  Every effort is being made to maintain our already high health and safety standards and extra measure have been taken whilst we continue to keep you all fit!


  1. EXTRA CLEANING We are ensuring all equipment and surfaces etc are thoroughly cleaned.  
  2. HAND WASHING We reiterate our request that members and staff wash their hands upon arrival at Bodycare and after a workout.  Coughs and sneezes caught I a tissue, which is then disposed of and hands washed. 
  3. IF YOU ARE POORLY We politely ask any members who are experiencing or have been exposed to others with symptoms to rest at home and not to come to Bodycare for the government advised period of time. If you are poorly or are looking after someone who is we wish you better very soon.  You will of course be offered time to make up any missed sessions in the coming months when life returns to normal.
  4. KEEPING DISTANCE We as trainers will make every effort to keep members at a distance from one another.  We ask all to be considerate of our attempts to keep contact to a minimum for the safety of all.  If you exercise without a trainer please be mindful of keeping distance between you and other members and clean any equipment you have used – your efforts to help us maintain healthy and safe environment are much appreciated.


If you have taken the decision to self isolate we understand and are looking forward to seeing you as soon as you are ready to return.  You will have plenty of time to make up any missed sessions in the coming months when life returns to normal.

Self isolation has been advised for certain members of society but is still a discretionary measure – come if you are well and still want to.


Bodycare shall continue to maintain its commitment to providing a safe environment in which to exercise and whilst we may in time have to change some of our workouts rest assured we will be here for you as always.  

We shall utilise all of our training areas – your workouts may be a little different but that will be fun!

If things get really bad we shall make every effort to continue to operate in some way shape or form – things may change in time and take on a different format but you’ll still get a workout and still have fun. 

Rest assured we are making every effort to maintain our already high standards of health and safety and taking extra measures and as long as you feel well enough to do so keep exercising! We will continue to operate to the best of our abilities.

We shall keep you updated as necessary…stay clam, wash your hands, maintain your distance and keep training! During such stressful times exercise becomes a hugely important factor in  keeping your mind and body healthy so as long as you feel well enough we will see you soon!

We encourage all members to continue to follow advice from Public Health England – check out the Government’s advice: