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8 Reasons You Have No Energy….

We read an article recently that we’d like to share with you…. “Stuck in a midday slump?  Change these habits right now for an instant energy boost….

1) You’re eating too much sugar….sweets, chocolates, biscuits are the obvious culprits but beware of the high concentration of sugar (refined carbohydrate) in white bread, pasta, rice & cereal.  This type of sugar is digested too quickly by the body, leading to a dip in blood sugar leaving you feeling fatigued.  Go for long lasting complex carbs – wholegrains!

2) You aren’t exercsing enough…it may seem counterintuitive but adding a workout to your daily routine will actulaly boost energy levels and also improve sleep quality leading to a more refreshed feeling.

3) You’re skipping breakfast…It is important to give your body good fuel to start the day after fasting for so long overnight.  You’re literally running on empty if you don’t – you’ll be famished by lunchtime and much more likely to chose unhealthy choices which will then cause that awful mid afternoon slump.  Combine healthy carbs – fruit & veggies and whole grains with protein – the carbs give you na initial boost and the protein will help keep you fuller for longer.

4) You’re sitting too much – stand up, get your blood flowing and get more oxygen flowing to your brain, which will increase alertness.

5) You’re drinking too much caffine…cafine is a stimulant that will give you an instant jolt but often leave you crashing later.  Too much in the afternoon and it may also affect your sleep quality.

6) You’re dehydrated…even mild dehydration will affect your mood, concentration and energy levels.  Drink plnety of water, at least one glass per hour and more if its really hot or your doing strenuous exercise.

7) You have poor posture…A study found that slouched walking decreased energy levels whilst exacerbating symptoms of depression.  Sit up straight!!

8) You’re not snacking smart…stay away from the vending machine – the chances of you choosing sensible options is pretty slim!  A combo of protein and complex carbs is ideal – think wholegrain toast with peanut butter, trail mix, veggies and hummus…


Simple changes that could really make a difference!

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Article sourced from Everyday Health by Brianna Steinhilber