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Our post summer ditty!

We’re sure it’s been a summer of fun,
You’ve sat in the sun, eaten burgers in a bun.
The wine and beer has been flowing
but with it our fitness has been going!
Now time to get back to more healthy living,
it’s yours for the taking and ours for the giving.
We’ll welcome you back when you walk through the door
Motivate and inspire you, you’ll feel better we’re sure.
It won’t take long to get back your fitness
Of that we promise, with you as our witness!
So, give us a call and get back to Bodycare,
We’rehere to help you and we really do care!

Take September by storm and get back on track! See you all very soon.

The Bodycare Team


Obesity and cancer

Being overweight and obese puts people at greater risk of developing 10 of the most common cancers, according to research in the Lancet medical journal.

They found each 13-16kg (2-2.5 stone) of extra weight an average adult gained was linked firmly and linearly to a greater risk of six cancers.

How big this risk was varied depending on tumour type.

Cancer of the uterus had the highest increased risk
leukaemia had the lowest rise in risk.

People who had a high BMI were also more likely to develop cancer of the liver, colon, ovaries, and post-menopausal brea cancer.


Scientists calculated individuals carrying this extra weight could contribute to more than 12,000 cases of cancer in the UK population every year.

Tom Stansfeld, at Cancer Research UK, said: “Although the relationship between cancer and obesity is complex, it is clear carrying excess weight increases your risk of developing cancer.

“Keeping a healthy weight reduces cancer risk and the best way to do this is through eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly.”

(Sourced from the BBC).

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